Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nature Remedies for Head Ache

Tension headaches are cause by  anxiety, nervous  tension, eyestrain ,poor posture or tight muscles in the shoulders or neck

Migraine headaches are caused by an expansion of blood vessels in the head.
headaches can also be cause by cold and the flu, allergies.digestive problems.

herbal tea for tension headaches

Ginger decreases the production of pain-causing chemicals in the body.Chamomile and linden are mild relaxants that help ease emotional and physical tension.

250ml(8fl oz) water
1 teaspoon fresh chopped ginger root
1 teaspoon dried chamomile
1 teaspoon dried linden flower

Simmer the ginger in the water in a covered pot for 5 minutes.Remove from from the heat.
Add the chamomile and linden and steep for 10 minutes.strain, sweeten the tea if desired , and drink it hot.

 Laverder  massage

Massage with a couple of drops of laverder essential oil

·         Footbath for headache relief

To help relieve a headache, try immersing your feet in a bucket of water(as hot as you can stand it) for 15 the same time, wring out a cloth in ice water and place the cold compress on your forehead,temples, back of the neck,or wherever the pain is water dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow thithe feet,while the cold compress constricts blood vessels in the head,reducing the volume of blood flow and thereby reducing pain.

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